Ulitmate Mediator Listing

For $25 per month you can take advantage of everything VirtualCourthouse  has to offer.  

This level allows the mediator to establish multiple counties, cities, states and zip codes in the VirtualCourthouse Search Database. The mediator’s name is reported at the top of the list upon a search in areas listed. In addition the mediator is provided access to the powerful case management, electronic case file,Video Mediation Technology, case management and billing templates.The mediator is able to convert an offline case to an online case.
  1. Premium Level Features
  2. Top Search Placement
  3. Multiple county, city, state, zipcode
  4. Case Management
  5. Electronic Case File
  6. Offline case conversion
  7. Billing Templates
Price - $25/month or $300/year

At this level you are enabled to do your complete mediation business on the Internet including credit card processing. All of your billing can be done completely on the Internet.

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