Starting a VirtualCourthouse Case


Your case negotiations have stalled. Your last offer has been met with silence and your phone calls are not being returned. It appears that the only alternative is to file suit.Now is the time to go to and send your opponent an invitation to arbitrate or mediate.


First step - review the list of neutrals - arbitrators and mediators - to identify the arbitrators or mediators you would like to consider. Click here.


Second step – login or if do not have a username or login register.


Third step – provide the information requested by each screen.


If you get stuck call Karen Pelton, Director of Customer Service 301-458-0471


The rest is up to VirtualCourthouse. Your opponent will receive an e-mail and letter by mail which will provide the details of your invitation. The VirtualCourthouse staff will follow up with phone calls and provide you feed back. Many times stalled negotiations are re-started.


You have absolutely nothing to lose – no fees are incurred until your opponent agrees to your invitation. And you have everything to gain.

1.   An agreement that allows you stay out of court

2.   A final settlement

3.   Evidence of your sincere attempt to take a conciliatory rather than litigious approach.


Try it – we know you will like it because thousands before you have.


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