What You Should Know About Online Dispute Resolution  


CEO Judge Monty Ahalt (Ret.) recently was invited to provide an article to the Practical Litigator a publication of ALI ABA



Less than 15 years ago the legal community struggled 

to incorporate alternative dispute resolution (ADR) into 

the case management programs of federal and state trial 

courts. This effort was largely motivated by overcrowded 

trial dockets which allowed cases to remain pending four 

and five years before a trial date. Now ADR is an accepted 

component of most case management programs of 

any trial court and reaches into almost every segment of 

our lives. Schools, prisons, communities, businesses, consumers, 

and families now have ready access to alternative 

dispute resolution training and specialists. Many state 

courts have established conflict resolutions programs such 

as the highly effective and award-winning Mediation and 

Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO) of the Maryland 

Judiciary. See 

ADR has been around in commerce since the 1920s

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