Please join me in welcoming our experienced, new Neutrals!


96. Sheldon Levitt: In practice since the 70’s, Levitt has tried hundreds of cases in the District Courts and Circuit Courts.


97. Robert Hetherington: With 20 years experience as a trial attorney in MD/DC, Hetherington specializes in personal injury litigation.


98. Joe Griffith: A national manager overseeing a property claims department, Griffith has 7 years of mediation experience.


99. Stephen Kauffman: An attorney, CPA and Real Estate Broker, Kauffman is experienced with tax, business and real estate cases.


As you can see, our list of outstanding professionals continues to grow!  Initiate a case today and experience first hand their fairness, impartiality and expeditiousness!  Our entire list is attached and can also be accessed on our website at


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