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“Do not confuse motion and progress.  A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.”  - Alfred A. Montapert



2006 Highlights


Things have been moving full speed ahead at VirtualCourthouse!


*        Our Neutral database has grown to nearly 90 registrants, with representation from 9 states, in addition to the Mid-Atlantic Region.  If you’d like to see a name added to our list, please email Karen their contact information (full name, mailing address, email address) to We will contact them and personally invite them to register as a Neutral. If you would like to register yourself as a Neutral, simply click on “Offer your services as a Neutral”, which is located in the bottom left corner of our Homepage. 


*        Over 700 cases have been initiated with VirtualCourthouse, and we continue to see a large number of referrals from the insurance adjusters.


*        We continue to fortify and strengthen our relationships with the insurance companies. We meet with claims leadership of each company on at least a quarterly basis.


o         GEICO -VirtualCourthouse has become “GEICO’s Vendor of Choice” for all arbitrations.  Until recently, our sole relationship has been with the Fredericksburg, VA office; however, we are now seeing claims come through their Virginia Beach office.

o          MAIF has recently experienced changes in management.  We’ve met with our new managers and who are very supportive of the VirtualCourthouse alternative to court.

o         Nationwide has officially become a new partner.  We recently trained more than 60 participants, including adjusters and supervisors.

o         State Farm, Erie and National Grange Insurance -We continue to settle cases with State Farm and Erie and have recently begun working with National Grange.

o         We are in talks with USAA are optimistic in building a working relationship with them by the second quarter of 2007.

o         Progressive has officially become a new partner.  Training takes place this week, beginning with the Beltsville office.


*        Our website has a new look!  The VirtualCourthouse process has basically remained the same; we’ve made a few enhancements to improve the process


§          More content will be added to provide the community with additional “online resources”

§          Our “Help” link serves as a resource for our new users and a refresher for our current users.  It walks you through the process of Initiating a Case, Completing the Neutral Selection Process and Completing Your Case Presentation.

§          Neutrals can now initiate a case that has been referred to them. The parties are notified that they can file all exhibits, receive the decision and billing through VirtualCourthouse -  A great value add for the neutral community. Simply contact Karen and the case will be initiated.

§          We’ve expanded our “Case Subject Matter”. Our list includes Medical Malpractice, Automotive, Consumer, Construction Disputes, Family, Title Insurance, Commercial, Worker’s Compensation and Intellectual Property.


*        The “Comments Box” is being used more frequently by attorneys and adjusters during the Neutral Selection Process.  They recognize the value of this communication tool (which is not accessible by the Neutral) to document a proposed or negotiated hi/low or to discuss issues of the case with the other party.


*        As a means of obtaining feedback on each settled case, we began sending out Evaluation Forms with our invoices this year.  It serves as a mechanism for us to evaluate our service, including the Neutral’s performance, our level of customer service, and navigation of the process and the results of the settlement. So far the evaluations have rated the customer service and neutral’s performance as “outstanding”.



*        Mid-month and end of month Progress Reports are sent to Senior Management and the Team Leaders of our Insurance Partners and each participating law firm.  This spreadsheet provides the managers with a snapshot of claims initiated, settled, referred, pending and withdrawn in VirtualCourthouse.   





“Karen is always right there to help navigate through any tough spots. This is an awesome process!”

GEICO adjuster


“I have used Virtual Courthouse on several personal injury cases and found it to be quite useful.  Instead of filing complaints in the courts, waiting several months for a trial date, finding and serving the defendant, doing discovery, I simply filed a brief with Virtual Courthouse, chose a "neutral," and waited for the verdict.  I wish that traditional litigation was this simple and efficient. I would certainly recommend this avenue to others as I believe they would come to the same conclusions!  In addition, the staff is always ready to help, if needed.” – Armand Ravery, Dunbar & Ravery


“My experience with Virtual Courthouse was very favorable. The presentation format was easy to use, the customer support readily available, and the arbitration decision came within a few days and was fair to both parties. This is a great format for a fair, fast decision.” – GEICO adjuster


“I just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express my satisfaction and appreciation in the way the case that I submitted to the Virtual Courthouse was handled. My negotiations with the adjuster were stuck on the issue of assumption of the risk and we could not get past that point to work out the case. Being able to submit it to the Virtual Courthouse allowed us to overcome that road block and work out a fair result to both sides. Please use my name to refer anyone who has questions concerning the tremendous benefits that you provide to the Bar with the Virtual Courthouse.”

- Hal Clagett, III


“I was surprised at the quickness of the Neutral’s decision once we both put in our paper work...I would certainly use the system again and after speaking to the plaintiff attorney, he will too!”   - GEICO adjuster


“I have found it to be a great alternative means of resolving injury claims. It appears the plaintiff attorneys are buying in to this also with great expectations for future settlements.”

 -  MAIF adjuster


“My experience with Virtual Courthouse was very favorable. The presentation format was easy to use, the customer support readily available, and the arbitration decision came within a few days and was fair to both parties. This is a great format for a fair, fast decision.” – GEICO adjuster




If you would like to share your experiences using VirtualCourthouse, please email your testimonial to Karen at

We Want to Hear From You!


Feedback is always encouraged and welcome!  If you have a comment or recommendation about VirtualCourthouse, don’t just sit back ~ we want to hear what you have to say!  Either give us a call or email us by clicking on the Contact Us link on the Homepage.





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