2005 in Review

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”
~ William James

VirtualCourthouse enables you to make a difference with a fast, fair and inexpensive settlement!

Each new case you initiated, each claim you discussed with an adjuster has given the VirtualCourthouse team an opportunity to point out the fairness, speed and affordability of using our service. Your participation has been key to our success. GEICO, MAIF and State Farm continue to be our most active users, but cases have also settled with Erie and Nationwide. We remain optimistic in fortifying a relationship with Progressive, The Hartford, USAA, Travelers and many others.

VirtualCourthouse 2005 Accomplishments:

  • Tripled the number of cases initiated than in 2004.


  • Enhanced communications with Claims Supervisors by reporting a bi-monthly update on the status of each insurance company’s pending cases.


  • Signed national services agreement with State Farm and commenced training sessions with the adjusters, beginning with the Owings Mills, MD. Office.


  • Increased subject case matter offerings to include Contracts, Property, Malpractice, Commercial, Construction Disputes and Workers Compensation.


  • Increased support of the adjusters who have grown very comfortable using VirtualCourthouse. During the fourth quarter 12 referrals were initiated by GEICO.


  • Continued to support the MTLA (Maryland Trial Lawyers Association) and MSBA (Maryland State Bar Association) through sponsorships and participation in seminars and events.


  • Introduced the technique of scanning documents to local lawyers and provided a direct contact for purchasing.


  • Published various articles promoting VirtualCourthouse, including press releases in the local papers and numerous Bar Association communications.


  • Achieved news coverage with a published article in the Gazette newspaper, and Television interview broadcast on Channel 76.


  • Conducted the first annual Neutral Roundtable.


  •  Created marketing materials promoting VirtualCourthouse, which are available to all users for distribution.



Important Reminders:

  • VirtualCourthouse customer service will come to your office to train your paralegals and new attorneys, review files with them to identify cases that would be suitable to initiate through VirtualCourthouse.


  • MAIF concentrates on non binding cases, with the exception of out of state cases where they will negotiate a high/low. They rarely will consider a UM case. GEICO historically will only accept binding cases with a negotiated high/low, however, we continue to encourage them to consider non-binding activity.


  • We accept referrals for new neutrals to be added to our ever growing database. Simply email Judge Ahalt ( with the individual’s contact information, and he will contact them directly to invite them to become a neutral. There is currently no fee for them to register as a neutral.


What’s in store for 2006?

  • Enhancements to our website to include the implementation of an Adjuster Case Initiation Process.


  • Increased communications to keep claimants, respondents and neutrals abreast of enhancements to the VirtualCourthouse web site and service.


  • Commence annual roundtables with the Adjusters, Lawyers and Neutrals to serve as a venue to share experiences, provide feedback and make recommendations regarding VirtualCourthouse.


  • Continue to assist our clients to take advantage of the utility of the Internet in accelerating the speed of case settlements.


  • Roll out the first edition of the VirtualCourthouse Newsletter in March ’06.



For more information about VirtualCourthouse, please contact:

Karen Pelton
Director of Customer Service & Marketing


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